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The popular and exciting Bridgestone BMW Club Racing Series is preparing itself for the season opener at Zwartkops on 28 February 2015.

The Club has opened season entries for eligible drivers and cars via their website-

The series is made up of 8 rounds that are hosted at 4 of their own Bridgestone Track Challenge events at Kyalami, Zwartkops and Phakisa. The balance is hosted by the Extreme Festival and the Inland Championship.

BMW CCG Club Racing Series
The championship comprises 5 classes. 4 of these are based on lap time brackets meaning everyone has a fair race no matter what BMW they drive. The final class is the BMW Challenge; a class the series has introduced in 2015 that is loosely based on Group N rules from the heyday of South African Motorsport.
For those who want to push their cars and themselves to the limit on track, but are perhaps nervous of a full race environment, the successful BMW Track Days will continue in 2015 in the form of the Bridgestone BMW Track Challenge Championship. Cars are classed according to their technical specification and battle it out for the fastest lap time. The events are open to complete novices and professionals- the club even caters for two non-BMW classes. If you are completely new to a track environment, then the Bridgestone BMW Track School is worth checking out first to ‘earn your stripes’ before being let loose on your own. The Club even has a partner on board that offers track day insurance for road vehicles.
Bridgestone BMW Club Racing Series Chairman Michael Broom says "2014 was a watershed year for the series and the club. We tried out some new ideas and in the process learnt what works well and what doesn’t. For 2015, we have chucked out what we don’t need and improved the good stuff. I am looking forward to a very good season".
For eligibility details on the Bridgestone BMW Club Racing Series and BMW Challenge, please contact the Chairman, Michael Broom, at
Facebook: BMW Car Club Gauteng or
BMW CCG Club Racing Series
Twitter: @BMWCarClubGP
Event Photographs:
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More about BMW Car Club Gauteng

The Club was formed in 1981 to afford likeminded enthusiasts the opportunity to interact with each other through a comprehensive calendar of events, a club magazine and website portal. The Club also organizes adrenaline and social based events such as breakfast runs, classic car gatherings, Concours d’Elegance competitions, noggins, weekend trips, gymkhana’s and top speed events. The Club is proud of its family ethos where all enthusiasts are welcome. Annual membership starts from as little as R350, more information is available at

Photographs of BMW Car Club Gauteng Events

BMW CCG Club Racing Series Sponsors in 2015

Photographs from the Dale Penney Benefit Track Day event held at Zwartkops Raceway on 13 December 2014.

Track Sessions - 2014-12-13

Event: Dale Penny Benefit Track Day - 2014
Place: Zwartkops Raceway
Date: 2014-12-13

Prize Giving and Auction - 2014-12-13

Event: Dale Penny Benefit Track Day - 2014
Place: Zwartkops Raceway
Date: 2014-12-13

People - 2014-12-13

Event: Dale Penny Benefit Track Day - 2014
Place: Zwartkops Raceway
Date: 2014-12-13

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