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RacePics, the home of true motorsport photography, was founded by Paul Blackburn in 2009. Over time more people joined Team RacePics. Although we attempt to attend as many motorsport race events as possible we primarily attend events at Zwartkops Raceway, Red Star Raceway, Kyalami, and occasionally Phakisa and Killarney.

We follow the exciting events in and around Gauteng. Events regularly attended are the Inland Championship, Historic Tour and Extreme Festivals events. In addition, we have covered events such as the Gauteng Motorshow, Round Table Bed Race, Cars in the Park and Women in Motorsport events to name but a few.

Current regular and contracted clients include the BMW Car Club Gauteng, INEX Legends Racing, Trofeo Challenge, Historic Racing South Africa (HRSA), Pretoria Old Motor Club ()and Hankook to name but a few.

We pride ourselves with excellent quality motorsport photographs delivered by Canon professional cameras and Canon professional and prime lenses. By using such high quality equipment you can be assured that the images are all of such a high quality that they can be used for any production type of work. Our aim is to deliver racers with as much variety as possible. We most likely have the largest stock of photographs available currently.

RacePics is also available to handle product launches, dealership track days, special track events, racing schools, etc. We have the equipment and facilities to put up a stall at the event and do production prints at the event. You are welcome to visit our stall at Zwartkops Raceway on race days to experience how we operate.

RacePics will capture your racing memories in a split second, forever.

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